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Initial assessment

The initial individual assessment usually takes an hour, but this can vary depending on the nature of the problem.

During the initial appointment, Katherine will complete a thorough assessment to find out more about the concerns that you and your child have, the history of the problem, and how it is impacting on daily life and activities.

She will then complete a physical assessment of your child. From this assessment, Katherine will be able to determine what follow-up, if any, is required. In some cases, reassurance, information, advice and education is all that is needed.

If follow-up sessions are indicated, short and long term therapy goals will be discussed and agreed with you and your child, and from this, a treatment plan will be formulated.

Treatment and follow-up appointments can take the form of intensive blocks, ongoing regular input, or monitoring.

Appointments are usually carried out in our studio in Billericay or at your home.  This ensures Katherine can maximise the success of your child's session and  allows her to demonstrate how to implement any given strategies/treatment programmes in your home environment.  If necessary appointments could be carried out at an independent treatment space.

Follow-up appointments

The frequency of follow-up appointments will vary greatly depending on the condition.  Follow-up sessions are a duration of 45 minutes.

There is no obligation to book follow-up appointments. Suitable recommendations will be made at the end of the initial assessment.

School/Nursery visits

Assessments can be carried out within school/nursery. School visits may be required for:

  • assessment of equipment

  • assessment of a child during PE

  • assessment of a child's gross motor abilities for SEN assessment

  • attendance at school meetings/Annual reviews

  • training for school staff

Maximising Developmental Potential- Proactive Physiotherapy

Katherine offers proactive physiotherapy sessions to provide parents with education and advice regarding baby/infant positioning and handling in order to promote the development of key gross motor skills. During these sessions she also shares her ideas regarding play and advises on equipment that is likely to aid development.  These sessions are usually most beneficial in your babies first six months as once you know what to do you will be able to implement the ideas in the coming months. Group sessions can be arranged.

Physiotherapist Led Baby/Infant Massage

Katherine runs group and 1:1 baby/infant massage sessions. Katherine utilises both her baby/infant massage instructor skills and her physiotherapy knowledge during these well reviewed, enjoyable sessions.

Physiotherapist Led Baby/Infant Yoga

Katherine runs group and 1:1 baby/infant yoga sessions. These sessions are always lots of fun and a wonderful experience for parent and little one.

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