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Physiotherapy Led Baby & Infant Massage

In addition to Katherine being a Children's Physiotherapist she is also trained as an Infant Massage Instructor. This ideal combination of skills means that Katherine is able to teach you Baby Massage whilst highlighting to you important developmental milestones for your baby and suggest methods of promoting motor development.

Baby Massage is one way of expressing love, caring and respect through touch that has been shown to have many benefits to parent-child attachment and children's development. It is an interaction that involves gentle strokes and caresses over the baby's skin.

Baby Massage is suitable from birth, but we recommend you to wait until the baby is 4 weeks old to ensure they gain the most from the sessions. Baby massage can be performed on premature babies. Katherine's experience of having worked on a neonatal intensive care unit can be reassuring to the parents of preterm babies. 

Baby Massage can have many benefits including:

  • alleviating trapped wind, soothing colic and alleviating constipation

  • promoting relaxation therefore helping to improve sleep, and the quality of sleep

  • improving circulation

  • easing the pain of teething

  • helping unblock baby's blocked nose, and relieve symptoms of chest infections

  • helping to open airways and improve baby's breathing

  • alleviating the effects of post natal depression

  • strengthening muscles, and promoting growth

Sessions & courses can be run for groups of up to 8 parents, smaller groups of friends, or 1:1 

We are happy to tailor the sessions & course for you! We can be flexible on days,times, locations. Just let us know what you would like and we will try to accomodate your requests.

All sessions are friendly and relaxed. It's never a problem if your baby needs feeding or changing during the session.

Katherine has a wealth of experience of working with babies and children with additional needs and welcomes these families to access baby massage.

Please see Little Ones Children's Physiotherapy Facebook Page, email or phone to find out the details of up to date course times and locations.

'"It's great to find a Physiotherapist running baby massage courses.  You can tell Katherine has a vast knowledge of the development of babies and children and she shares so many helpful tips and suggestions with everyone" - find many more reviews on facebook

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